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Company History

Welcome to Inveni Business & Technology Ltd., the English-speaking Caribbean’s premier full-service China direct sourcing solutions provider. Our journey started with a mission to make doing business with China more accessible, feasible, and profitable for businesses, trade associations, and governments. As a company specializing in China direct sourcing, quality control, importing, custom manufacturing, market research and business consulting, we’ve been helping firms and entrepreneurs achieve
business success in China by providing comprehensive professional business services.

Our Journey in Bridging Cultures

With the strength of our multi-lingual Associates network, we have consistently broken through cultural gaps and language barriers, providing our clients a seamless business experience in China and other markets in Asia. Our in-depth knowledge of China’s business climate, along with our international trade experience, quality control services, and extensive supplier network across various industries, has allowed us to become a trusted guide in navigating the complexities of the Chinese market.

Why China?

The decision to focus on China was born from recognizing the country’s unique position in the manufacturing world, with its advanced factories, technologies, efficient infrastructure, and low cost of labour. With 80% of all goods on the market today made in China, we saw an opportunity to serve Caribbean companies in this economic powerhouse.

Our Growing Impact

Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses operating in various industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction, Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Fashion and more. Our approach has always been to tailor our services to each client’s unique needs and industry dynamics. As we continue our journey, we stay true to our objective of helping clients source and manufacture products in, and export products from suppliers operating in our key market. We remain dedicated to our vision of being the preferred sourcing partner for our clients and stakeholders in the markets we serve.

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