Welcome to Inveni Business & Technology Ltd. – your trusted partner for global business expansion. We SIMPLIFY doing business with suppliers and manufacturers in China and Asia ensuring quality products that enhance your brand and make customers happier. Our expert services are crafted to meet your unique needs and facilitate your success in the international arena.

China Sourcing

Venture into China with our comprehensive 360 Sourcing solution. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re grappling with product quality consistency, supplier verification, or language
barriers. That’s why we offer a suite of services designed for your peace of mind.

● Our [Market Research] helps you understand the market landscape and identify the right supplier for your business.
● With our [360° Sourcing Solution], every phase of your sourcing journey, from supplier identification to logistics, is streamlined.
● For businesses seeking customization, we offer [Custom Manufacturing & Private Labelling Support] that meets your exact specifications.
● Our rigorous [Quality Control Services] ensure the final product matches the sample, while our [Export Logistics (LCL; FCL)] handle your large volume shipments efficiently.

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Market Research

Our market research is focused on the Chinese market. China offers tremendous opportunities, and threats. Our market research is aimed at helping you navigate such a complex business environment. We help guide your growth in China by leveraging both qualitative and quantitative methods across a broad range of industry sectors that is aimed at supporting your expansion in
the Chinese market.

Business Consulting & Training

Our Business Consulting & Training services deliver industry-specific insights, help you understand global markets, and provide strategic guidance to enhance your international trajectory in China and Asia.

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