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Presence in China and 11 countries across Asia.

Boost your brand’s stature and foster unwavering customer trust with Inveni’s comprehensive Quality Control Services. Embracing precision at every step, we ensure your products consistently meet and surpass the loftiest quality benchmarks across all production stages.

Pre-production Inspection

Mitigate the risk of costly manufacturing missteps with our diligent pre-production inspection services. We validate that all materials and components adhere to your precise quality standards before the production journey commences.

During Production Inspection

Acting swiftly and proactively, our vigilant inspections throughout the manufacturing process ensure potential pitfalls are addressed early. This approach curtails production hold-ups and
wastage, paving the way for a streamlined and cost-effective production cycle.

Supplier Qualification Audit

A Supplier Qualification Audit is a pivotal phase in fortifying your supply chain, especially when introducing new prospective suppliers. Sometimes referred to as a basic supplier assessment or supplier evaluation audit, this service ensures your manufacturing begins with a trustworthy supplier equipped to meet your demands. Our trained auditors spearhead an in-depth on-site factory assessment, offering you clarity on your supplier’s reliability. This encompasses an autonomous evaluation of the supplier’s capabilities, credentials, facilities, production line
management, workforce, and more. Every audit is tailored, fusing your specific stipulations with our checklist, enriched with over 50 checkpoints.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Before your products embark on their journey to consumers, we undertake a rigorous pre-shipment assessment. This ensures all quality, quantity, and packaging criteria are impeccably met, sparing you any unforeseen complications upon delivery.

Consumer Product Lab Testing

Ensuring your product’s compliance has never been more straightforward. With our third-party lab testing service, we facilitate the necessary assessments to guarantee alignment with safety standards and regulations set by the European Union (EU) and the United States (US).

Rapid Response Time

Recognizing the urgency that sometimes arises, we can orchestrate a Supplier Qualification Audit or Product Inspections in a brisk 48-hour timeframe. A thorough audit report is then
presented within 3-5 working days, enabling swift decision-making and potential course corrections.

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